Thursday, June 26, 2008

There has been a tragedy.

Yep, there has been a sad, sad event here in the Johnson household. Bear's rubber ducky is no longer with us. Here he is, where I found him, with his bill lying next to him. BAD DOGS!

I've tried very hard to keep all of Bear's toys out of harm's way, but this one fell through the cracks. A little stuffed lion suffered some injuries on a different occasion, but he was repairable. I'm sure this is not the last time that the dogs will ruin something of Bear's. Of course, when he becomes mobile, he may just start ruining their stuff. I mean, fair is fair, right?


abbysmom said...

You take the best pictures!! That is hilarious!

Dana, John & the gang said...

Poor little ducky. FYI - Dogs like to eat Fisher Price "Little People" too. Our zoo keeper was our latest casulty.