Thursday, June 5, 2008


Bear has really been reaching UP for things lately. He'll reach for a toy if you hold it above him or if it hangs above him, like on his Exersaucer. He also has just been reaching into the air for some reason...maybe for balance or maybe just practicing? Well, whatever the reason is, he looks pretty cute:

I promise I'm not pointing a gun at him in either picture! I guess this means he'll be reaching up for me to pick him up soon?! That will make it a little easier on me, I think. He's pretty strong and when I go to pick him up, if his arms are down, I have to pry them up. He's also been rolling like crazy. Max was playing with him on the floor last night and he just kept rolling over! He'd get frustrated at being on his stomach, so Max would put him on his back again, but he'd just roll right back to his stomach. It was almost like he HAD to roll. I guess once a new skill is gained, babies just practice and practice until they get it perfected.

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