Sunday, June 29, 2008


I made it to the gym 3 times this week, which actually exceeded my goal of twice. I know, not much, right? I haven't exercised, other than walks around our neighborhood, since before I was pregnant, though. I know myself, and if I jump in too quickly I will also get burned out quickly and want to quit. I really don't want that to happen. I've mostly been doing circuit type work. The gym I joined offers a free trainer session, where I learned which machines would be most beneficial to me and how to use them. That went pretty well and hasn't been too hard. The spinning class I took on Saturday, however, pretty much kicked my butt. It was a good workout, but I am so sore today! I walked down the driveway to get the paper this morning and it almost felt like I was on that dang bike again!

Bear is doing much better than I ever dreamed he would in the child care room. He seems to like the women that take care of him--every time I go in to get him, he's grinning at one of them. He likes watching the other kids, too, but it wears him out. So far, he's fallen asleep on the way home each time. I am hoping this gets him somewhat used to being left with someone other than me or his daddy and is a good experience for him. Maybe he won't have to go through the separation anxiety phase that lots of moms have told me about.

Another thing that Bear is progressing at is sitting up on his own! He can't do it for a very long time, but he actually sat up by himself yesterday. I sat him on the kitchen counter so he could watch Max peel some potatoes (got to teach him early on that men can cook!) and I realized that after a few seconds, I didn't need to hold him. I had Max grab the camera:

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