Monday, May 19, 2008

I miss my mommy!

My mom is teaching a class in Ireland over the next couple of weeks and even though we live 6 hours apart, I miss the heck out of her! We typically talk on the phone every day and I miss all of our chats. On the plus side, our house is probably a little cleaner and I probably play with Bear more, but still...I want my mama! We usually don't even talk about anything important, just daily goings-on, but I apparently need that outlet, since I'm really missing it. I could call my MIL or my grandma or my dad or a friend...but it's not the same, dang it. She's been emailing me fairly regularly and has even called once, but I think pretty soon her class will be moving on and she won't have easy computer access. Calling is an option, but I don't really need to. It's expensive and the time difference makes it inconvenient. Oh well, she'll be back soon and we can talk our hearts out then, right?

To keep with the title for today, I have been thinking of joining a gym and taking Bear to the childcare room there. I really need the exercise...I lost 30 pounds before I got pregnant with the boy and have lost most of that again, but I could stand to lose some more. Plus, I know I feel better if I exercise, it's just the effort that it takes is sometimes more than I can muster. Anyhow, I feel ready, but I don't know if Bear is ready to be left with someone else yet. Also, I'm not sure if I'm ready to leave him. He's about to turn 4 months old and I know plenty of moms have had to leave their babies with someone else by this age, but I haven't had to yet and I am not sure how attached we are to each other. My fear is that I'll join the gym and I'll never get to use it due to the fact that he cries when left with the childcare workers. The gym I'm thinking of joining has really great employees and I think they would take good care of him, but what if he won't stop crying? Won't they just come get me? I guess the only way to find out is to try, but I'm just not sure. Does anyone have any experience with this or leaving a young baby with someone else for any reason? I am open to any suggestions that might make it easier (for both of us!).

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