Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Short post due to short sleep

Well, Bear slept in his crib all night, but it sure did wear Momma out. He woke up at 2:30 am fully expecting me to take him into our bed or to the couch. I would not do it and he was MAD. He cried every time I tried to put him in his crib and the cries escalated to screams in a very short time. I just kept rocking him and comforting him (I could not do the crying out thing, if you read yesterday's post.) until he fell somewhat asleep and then put him back in the crib. It finally worked on the 5th time. I felt accomplished, until I woke up everyone else in the house, including the dogs. I thought it may be a little chilly in Bear's room, so I decided to turn the thermostat up a few degrees. When I was reaching for the hallway light switch, I accidentally grazed the top of a glass candle holder with my hand. It hit the kitchen's tile floor with a very loud smash, which led Max to come running out of the bedroom. Our bedroom is right off of the kitchen and there were little broken glass pieces ALL OVER, so I warned him not to come out there. I swept up the pieces, which had spread into the dining room, the hallway and the kitchen. It was a little bitty candle holder, but it made a HUGE mess when it broke into about a billion pieces. Two funny things about last night: 1)Max slept through all of Bear's screaming, even though I left the monitor on. He didn't even realize I was missing from the bed until I broke the candle and was surprised to learn that I had been gone for nearly two hours. 2)Bear, who had a terrible time falling asleep, slept right through the candle incident. Go figure.

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