Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tee hee hee

This post falls under the category of things that I absolutely do not want to forget. Bear has started giggling at the most random things. There are 3 examples that I really want to remember:

The first time it happened was the first time I decided to sit him up in his baby tub. His tub had a reclining option, but he kept getting nervous in that position and crying during bathtime, so I decided it was time to sit him up and just hold him so he didn't tip over. Well, we have one of those rubber ducks that tells if the water in the tub is too hot, so I tossed that in the tub with Bear. He instantly started giggling and kept it up for a couple of minutes. Every time I moved the duck, he would giggle some more!

The next time, I had him sitting up in his highchair waiting for me to get his food poured into a little bowl. His baby food comes in packaging that has a foil top, so I tore open the foil top and noticed that his peaches smelled pretty good. I wondered if they tasted as good as they smelled, so I stuck my finger in the food stuck to the lid and licked it. I didn't even realize Bear was watching me, but he started giggling! So, I did it a few more times and he giggled some more, which made me giggle with him. We shared a good laugh!

Just yesterday, we had an active day. The moms club had an open house for prospective members at a local park and Bear got so exhausted there, he fell asleep on the way home. I took advantage of the nap and took a detour to the grocery store, only to have him wake up about halfway through the store. Anyhow, he was still really good for the rest of the shopping, even though he thought it appropriate to umm, number 2 while we were there. I brought him home and cleaned him up, but could tell he was still pretty wiped out. I decided to just sit with him on the couch for a while while I had a snack. I was munching away on my crackers and watching Golden Girls when he started another giggle attack. Again, I didn't even know that he was watching me, but lo and behold, he was staring right into my face while I was eating. I ate another cracker and sure enough, that was what made him laugh! Apparently, me eating is too funny for him!

I loved all three of those moments and just thought I'd share. I can't wait for more!

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