Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Uh oh...

I was just bragging to everyone about how Bear is getting so grown up and has this great schedule now when...BAM!...he decided to make me eat my words. I was even foolish enough to try and give someone advice about babies who seem to hate sleeping (Hi Lauren!). Last night was pretty much awful and it reminded me of a couple of weeks ago when Bear refused to sleep in his crib. He acted like his crib was on fire last night! Every time I got him to sleep, I would try and put him in the crib and he would SCREAM. Don't get me wrong, he always whimpers a little. I mean, who wouldn't rather be held by me all night?? However, the whimpering I can fix with back rubbing/patting. The screaming...not so much. So, last night was pretty crappy for me being that some of it was spent in my own bed, some on the couch, and some in my bed again but while holding Bear. I don't know what to do except just get through it again like I did a few weeks ago and hope that he'll come around again.

Something happened last night that may have triggered the not-so-good sleeping: he rolled from front to back for the first time. He's been rolling from back to front for a couple of weeks now and the first time he succeeded at that seemed to coincide with the last bad sleep episode. Maybe it's just that the physical development that he's going through won't let him sleep. You'd think he'd need the sleep from working so hard during the day, but apparently not. The bad news about him rolling from front to back--I missed it! I was making dinner and Max was in Bear's room playing with him. Max ran into the kitchen to ask me if he'd ever done that before and I told him that he had not. On one hand, I was sad that I didn't get to witness it, but on the other hand, I am so happy that Max was the first one to see him do this. Max has been at work when Bear has hit most of his milestones, so I'm really glad for him to get to experience this with his son.

Even though he didn't sleep much last night, he sure was happy this morning!

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